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A message from Okanagan Elder 'Margaret Kruger'

"All people, young and old, can benefit from this web site and learn a little about our Syilx way of life.

We understand that we were the first people here and that the land is sacred to us. We thank the creator for everything that has been provided from the land, this is why we have the winter dances. Before the Europeans arrived, the Syilx people lived off the land and the land was the provider of food and provided a place or sense of well being for the future children and elders.

Okanagan Elder Maggie Kruger

This web site gives others a chance to look at our way of life from a traditional point of view. To be able to understand that the people had respect for the land and a better understanding of what this means to us.

The Sun, the water makes the food grow and it ripens the berries we pick. We had ways of knowing when it was the right time to do things and what needed to be done in the spring, summer, fall and winter for our survival. We have our ways of thanking the creator for this and our well being.

Today we have a hard time to get our traditional foods, because of the developments or the pollution and livestock interferences. This is a concern and is troublesome for me for the future of our sacred foods.

I thank the En'owkin Centre for providing this important message to the general public."

Margaret Kruger

Elder, Okanagan Nation